2023 Predictions: Astrological, Numerological & Tarot

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With Astrologer Virginia Bell and Numerologist & Tarot Reader, Rev. Marilyn Ridley.

It’s a New Year, and we all hope for a whole new energy and much brighter days ahead. Yet, recent years have brought many unexpected changes and challenges, increasing our desire to be prepared and informed—to meet them with grace and an eye out for new opportunities and higher understanding.  

So, what will the world of 2023 look like? What are the potential challenges or special opportunities?  

Astrologically, 2023 will be a BIG YEAR—Pluto will enter the sign of freedom-loving Aquarius on March 23, ushering us into a brand-new world. It’ll invite us to let go of what holds us back so we can move ahead. In addition, both Saturn and Jupiter will change signs this year. Saturn (avatar of form and structure) enters watery Pisces March 8, and expansive Jupiter will enter patient Taurus on May 16.  

We’ll also explore the eclipses, the dates when Mercury (and other planets) are retrograde, the Chinese New Year (the Year of the Rabbit) and most important – what’s in store for each and every sign for 2023! This is going to be an exciting year, a year of change, growth and transformation!  

We’ll also look at 2023 from the numerological perspective, what major influences will be contributing to our world nationally and globally, and how that interacts with our numerology as individuals. We’ll explore it as a collective energy and how we might harness it for the year ahead. You’ll learn how you to find your personal year number and how the energy of that number combines with the energy of this year.  

Finally, we’ll seek the guidance of the Tarot and higher spiritual sources. What sort of energies and societal dynamics are in store for this year? What is the higher guidance for us collectively? What are the lessons we learned or are yet to learn? How do we build on them for the greatest and highest good?  

Join us for this exciting event and explore the future with our gifted presenters:  

Virginia Bell is a full-time astrologer based in NYC, offering astrology readings for clients since 1995. She has written sun sign horoscope columns for magazines and websites such as Huffington Post, TV Guide, US Weekly, Die Welt (the German publication), and many others. She currently writes a column for the CBS magazine, Watch!

Virginia is also the author of Midlife is Not a Crisis: Using Astrology to Thrive in the Second Half of Life. She lectures on astrology, inspiration, and the wisdom of aging. Visit her at virginiabellastrology.com  

Rev. Marilyn Ridley, M.Msc., CYT-200, RMT, CTNC, is a Metaphysical Ordained Minister, Spiritual Teacher, Numerologist, and Grief Counselor. Reverend Ridley has been connected to Spirit from a very young age. She pursued her Psychic Skills Certification with the A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center in 2017, where she also received her Reiki Mastership Certification.  

Marilyn is a Certified Medium through The School for Psychic Studies and a Certified Yoga Teacher specially trained in teaching yoga for trauma through the Three and a Half Acres Yoga Organization in New York City.  

Reverend Ridley is also the author of two courses about Spiritual Awakening on Udemy. Her first course, Becoming A Spiritual Alchemist, helps you to recognize the signs of an awakening and the transformational aspects you may go through. The second course, Spiritual Ascension: The Final Processes of a Spiritual Awakening Experience and Enlightenment, goes deeper into the ascension process.  

Marilyn’s practice includes a variety of services that provide guidance and support for spiritual wellness and advancement, including online Psychic Mediumship Readings, Spiritual Counseling, and Distance Healing through Zoom video or by telephone. She can be booked for private readings via portal.edgarcaycenyc.org