2022 Release: Transformational Breathwork Workshop

about this event

RELEASE 2022 SO YOU CAN WELCOME 2023 WITH A CLEAN SLATE • This two-part workshop will include meditation, visualization, and a powerful breathwork session

It’s been a few weeks full of holiday business for everyone! It’s time to slow down and savor the last little bits of 2022 with intention and release the year so we can all invite in the new year with a clean slate, renewed energy, and focused intention. 

If you are in LA, come join Neelou Malekpour of SMUDGED, in person this Wednesday at 7pm in Culver City. We will come together for a magical evening of meditation, visualization, and a powerful breathwork session. I’m so excited to close this year together. 

Breathwork is an experience based in wholeness. It is a powerful healing modality utilizing the breath to heal old patterns, dislodge stuck energy, and balance the chakras. Practicing in a group setting has a powerful collective healing energy that facilitates deep release. The style of breathwork I’ve been instructed in incorporates a two-part breath and an exhale. It’s as simple as it is transformational and works to restore the healthy flow of Qi in our bodies. By breathing deeply you oxygenate the areas of your body that need extra attention, releasing any blockages, or stuckness, in order to release the energy to flow freely. 

The health benefits are truly transformational:

  • Boosts your circulation 
  • Reduces stress 
  • Creates feelings of openness 
  • It connects you to feelings of love, peace, gratitude, clarity, communication, and connection 
  • Helps release mental and physical trauma 
  • Assists in healing from grief
  • And alleviates anxiety and depression

* The first 10 people who sign up via Conscious City Guide will be gifted Neelou’s book, The Art of Sacred Smoke