2020 Reflection Workshop

about this event

Why Reflection?

Many of us have an innate fear around the new year because it poses a new level of challenges, goals and new pressures.

Did you know that building a ritual around something that is ending allows us to feel excited about new beginnings?

It gives the body a sense of closure therefore bringing in more ease , flow & abundance into our lives.

2020… what a year, am I right?

While our circumstances this year may not have been ideal, there has been so much personal growth and confrontation.

As we near the end of the year, it’s the best time to reflect and integrate all that has come to the surface.

12/21 is the most powerful day of the year to let go and let our desires be heard.

What to Expect in the Workshop?

  • Intro to the Winter Solstice–why is this the most powerful day of the year?
  • Short meditation/breathwork exercise
  • Editable workbook with specific journal prompts
  • Reflection exercises that get to your deepest desires
  • Network & share with other attendees 
  • Reflection music