2-Day Initiation: Advanced Mantra Technique 4, 5, 6

about this event

NOTE: this is for being initiated into the fourth, fifth, or sixth advancements of your mantra.

Next Course – Feb. 10-11

The 1st day is group initiation at 6-8p. Please bring 6 fresh roses and 3 sweet fruits for the puja ceremony. After puja, each individual will privately receive their advanced technique. You will receive simple instruction and we will all meditate together.

The 2nd day you will book a 15 min session privately to check your technique and ask any questions either in-studio or phone call. TO NOTE:  

  • Must have attended the 4-Day Intro to Vedic Meditation Course in order to enroll.     
  • Must have meditated for minimum of one year with your advanced technique twice a day, everyday (at least getting to 700 of the 730 meditations in one year or longer for each technique given).     
  • Held in-person with limited availability and via Zoom          
    • Please keep in mind that learning in-person is always the preference on Initiation Day (First Day). This new online offering is ideally for those who are non-local, immune-compromised, or absolutely unable to attend in person.          
  • Students must attend both days    
    • each session runs approximately 60 mins           
  • Note: time is in Mountain Standard Time     
  • Please make payment of $600 Venmo: @YashodaDeviMa or Check payable to YDM MEDITATION LLC (bring on first day)no payment programs available // If you are out of the US you can use PayPal.me/ydmmeditation + cost of fee.