2-Day Children’s Meditation Course (6yrs – 10yrs old)

about this event

Each Session will be 40 mins – 1hr.

Monday, June 20 + Tuesday, June 21, 4-5p.

Must have one vedic meditating parent in order to enroll your child.

Held in-person for 2 days.

  • each session runs approximately 45 mins to 1 hour
  • parents are welcome to sit in or drop off
  • please bring a mask for children to wear (only in movement + action)
  • Social distance seating
  • Forehead temperatures will be taken upon arrival
  • please do not come in if you are or your child is feeling unwell (there will be more Children’s courses, fear not!)
  • Note: time is in Mountain Standard Time


  • This course is free for your children. And to honor the energetic exchange, we require your child to invest their time, creativity in drawing a special picture of their favorite thing (it could be their favorite action hero, flowers, scenery, the universe/galaxy/solar system or whatever feels special to them) OR what meditation means to them. They will also pick out 6 fresh roses and 3 of their favorite sweet fruits to offer in the puja ceremony on Day 1.

Day 1: Initiation Day (Receving their mantra)

  • Children will bring their drawing, flowers, and fruit on their initiation day
  • Each child will receive their “word of wisdom” (mantra) and then we will sit together and meditate with our mantra.

Day 2

  • Yashoda will be checking their mantras and talking about how and when they use their mantras.