1:1 Online Session – Beyond Self-Care: Self-Validation as a Daily Practice

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Question: Do you consider yourself a “Giver”? Does it feel easy and natural for you to sense the energy of others and connect to their pain? In fact, is it hard not to?

Do you often spend your spare moments thinking of how you can mitigate and manage other people’s feelings?

Are you the person everyone goes to for support, answers, advice, or compassion?

Do you often notice that you have a minimal amount of energy left over for your own personal upkeep?

If you answered yes to most of those questions, then you may be walking around with an emotional “limp” that you haven’t even clocked yet. So often, us givers and helpers (often referred to as “empaths”), have something major in common: we may have learned to function that way because of early childhood experiences.

Thing is, when left unaddressed or unresolved, this behavior can continue into adulthood. Without even realizing it, most of us are letting our stunned and frightened inner children sit in the driver’s seats of our lives…and if we don’t know that we’re hurt, we may end up hurting other people.

Some therapists, healers or even friends and family may have coyly stated, “You have to love yourself before someone else can love you”? Although this may be true, it can still sting to hear it. Especially if, you were under the impression that you were already loving yourself. 

In this fun, engaging and interactive session, we will transform the “love” in self-love into a verb, foster self-compassion and self-appreciation, as well as, respect and admiration for our own unique life path and soul purpose by cultivating healthy energy hygiene.

We will explore this innate yearning for validation as a legitimate, core need, as well as a develop a clearer and more tangible expression of what it means to love, care and appreciate ourselves. You will walk away with your core needs decoded and clarified. 

Together, we will curate sustainable self-devotional practices that meet your needs and satisfy your deepest desires. 


Stacie Aamon Yeldell is an award-winning vocalist, speaker, and music psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience in mental health treatment. As the founder of Amöntra, a consulting company based in California, she has facilitated a range of therapeutic mindfulness practices for individuals and organizations, including The Grammy Foundation, The Riveter, GoogleArts and Culture, and YoungArts. In addition to being a core faculty member for UCLArts & Healing, Stacie has spoken at events like Women In Music, and DisclosureFestTM. She has also appeared on CBS News, in Renée Fleming’s “Music and Mind Live,” and is featured in the documentary “Proven.” Stacie holds a Masters degree in Music Therapy from New York University, in addition to certifications in Sound and Music Healing from the Open Center and Vocal Psychotherapy (AVPT) from the Vancouver Vocal Psychotherapy Institute. Stacie is also the author of the forthcoming book: “Choose Yourself: A 12-week Journey to Becoming the God of Your Own Heart.”