1:1 Akashic Breathwork Session

about this event


Think of Breathwork as an Akashic Reading for your body.  With this powerful approach of self-exploration and healing we integrate the art and science of breath awareness and breathing techniques to enhance the human, physical, emotional, and spiritual condition.  Through the wisdom of the Akashic Records, we will locate all forms of trauma, being held in your body, and with your body’s permission, release it.  


By combining Breathwork with the Akashic Records we open the doors to your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones and the guidance and wisdom that they bring.  With their direction you will experience more of life in the present to resolve the influences, traumas and stored emotions of the past that created the enduring patterns that exist and inform your decision making process.  We will use the power of your breath and the records to relax and energize your body, focus and expand your mind, calm and balance your emotions, and nourish and uplift your soul. 


Breathwork uses a very simple technique to activate the natural healing process within. By implementing a specific pattern of accelerated breathing, in a safe and comfortable setting, each person is gracefully supported to enter an altered state of consciousness. With inner healing intelligence and the Akashic Records guiding the process, the quality and content of the experience will be unique to each person’s intentions, needs and particular life situation. While recurring themes are common, no two sessions are ever alike.

Breathwork and the Akashic Records take most people far beyond traditional cognitive therapies to provide a deeper path to healing in a far shorter amount of time. By assisting us in understanding the effects our positive and negative experiences have on our self-esteem, relationships, family dynamics and other life issues with which we struggle. Their innate capacity to heal trauma lies in the powerful emotional and spiritual releases that they bring.  This leads to Self-Mastery.

Breathwork and the Akashic Records also promote an awareness process that has the ability to illuminate and release our fixed patterns from the past that no longer support our current direction in life. This facilitates vital change and lasting transformation.