Moon Session | 10th Annual Spirit Weavers Gathering

about this event

We expect a high demand on Saturday when we go on sale. Some info is below on how it will all flow and best tips 🙂  

1. We have set up the ticket sales with a queue and a wait room, which will help with the traffic flow on our platform. How the wait room works is at 30 min prior to the onsale time, the wait room will open. Once the tickets are available, purchasers will be taken from the waiting room and will be randomly entered into a queue for their opportunity to purchase tickets.  

2. There is no benefit to someone being in the waiting room for 30min or 1min. Exactly at the time of on sale to purchase, the queue will trigger and purchasers in the waiting room will be randomly queued. Once out of the queue, purchasers will have the opportunity to purchase tickets. Tickets may sell out while you’re in the queue. Tickets are only confirmed once an order confirmation screen is displayed and will soon thereafter receive a confirmation email w/ receipt. 

3. Purchasers are not guaranteed a ticket even if you have a ticket selected and going through the checkout flow until the purchase is confirmed. ie. If the tickets were to sell out in the middle of your checkout flow, the order will not go through.  


  • To help ensure your checkout experience goes as quickly as possible, you can create and/or sign-in to your Universe account on another web tab.  This will prefill your first & last name + email when you attempt to purchase your tickets. 
  • FYI, ticket inventory is not held until payment has been submitted and your Order Confirmation screen displays
  • We recommend you have your CC # ready so you can fill in info as quickly as possible
  • Due to what we’re expecting to be a high-demand on sale, a digital queue may prompt, if it does you’ll be entered into a randomized digital queue based on the time you’ve entered the queue
  • If placed in the queue, do not click out of the queue as you’ll lose your place in line.  Please keep in mind tickets may sellout before you leave the queue
  • Due to what we’re expecting to be a high-demand on sale, there may be a small delay in receiving a confirmation emails but be sure to re-check your email a few min after the sale and also check spam, junk mail folders, etc. if your tickets didn’t arrive and you received an Order Confirmation page be sure to check those other folders and then contact us.