10/27/21 Gender Expansive Virtual Conscious Dating Workshop and Salon

about this event

Date night, in community. humhum pairs modern-day dating with ancient wisdom practices to offer a safe space for connection, just as you are

BIPoC Individuals, you’re invited to use the discount code BIPOC for 25% off your ticket.

humhum is a platform for virtual conscious connection and dating— this two-hour, immersive, and guided experience centers the trans, nonbinary, gender-expansive, two-spirit, intersex, and gender non-conforming experience. 

You’ll connect virtually at this humhum Salon as a starting point to foster in-person connections with others you meet on the Bloom app or beyond. This salon is available to all locations, but will have a higher attendance of people based in New York, and the Bay Area. People of all gender identities, sexual orientations, and ages are welcome.

Play, flirt, and experience connection. Open your heart and cultivate the heart/mind qualities that support healthy relationships:

  • Presence
  • Discernment
  • Personal accountability
  • Playfulness
  • Kindness
  • Self-Compassion
  • Embodiment
  • Non-Attachment

humhum is teaming up with Bloom app so you can connect and chat with some of the cool humans going before the experience. Download the Bloom Community app here to start your journey: https://bl.ooo/m/consciousdate21 


  • Large Group Discussion: we practice both in a large group with facilitators to guide the experience
  • Breath and Meditation: connect through guided thoughtful dialogue, mindfulness and movement
  • Breakout Rooms: 2-5 person small group playdates with others in community

GROUND IN THE SELF: The group is guided in meditation to bring awareness into the body, and into the present moment.

SHARE EXPERIENCE: In smaller breakout sessions, individuals will connect over a playful and meaningful prompt that engages the mind, body, and heart that invite you into yourself, and into connection with others.

EXCHANGE WORDS: Each person will have the opportunity to share and be witnessed, as well as listen and hold space. Pairs will share in conscious dialogue as well as open, free-flowing conversation.

NOTE CURIOSITY: After having the chance to exchange with several people, participants will observe internally how they felt in the presence of each— perhaps intrigued, inspired, excited, eased (or not) in the presence of another. They’ll also note if there was someone they didn’t get to meet whom they wished they were able to have met. Participants privately indicate who they’re drawn to know a layer deeper still. Pairs who privately express mutual interest to connect for a private 1-1 guided date with humhum will be connected following the event.


Ray Gannon

Ray Gannon (They/Them) is a nonbinary, queer, gender fluid spirit. They offer a free, biweekly guided meditation and breathwork sangha for all individuals who identify beyond the gender binary (gender expansive, trans, non-binary, gender fluid, two-spirit, etc). Their goal is to bring together a co-creative community and cultivate a safe and inclusive space for individuals to meditate among their peers, with practices rooted in buddhist practices. Ray has background as an Adult-Geriatric Nurse Practitioner and Research Scientist. Their journey into yoga and meditation initially began as a means for self healing and empowerment that has since deepened their passion to share these practices to empower others. Ray completed Nalanda Institute’s Contemplative Psychotherapy and Compassion Training program, and is currently enrolled in their Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy Program. Learn more about Ray here

Efe Kabba

Efe (She/Her) is a storyteller who primarily works in the mediums of film/video and photography. She is currently based on Canarsie/Lenape Territory (aka Brooklyn, NY) but identifies as a global citizen. Her passion for humans, community, and connection has led her to host and facilitate large scale meditation gatherings in the past and, presently, conscious dating experiences via humhum. She dreams of a world where everyone has the tools to connect to deep intuition and feel empowered to create their own realities. Learn more about Efe here

At humhum, we believe in the magic of connection, where spontaneity meets free-flow. The kind of magic where your heart opens, your eyes widen, and you meet yourself anew within each new exchange.

Every time you show up, you show up as you, for you.

And hey, you might just meet your match.


Will I meet everyone at the experience?

Our groups can be up to 30 people, so you’ll meet several through meaningful and playful exchanges, but not everyone.

Do I get to choose who I interact with?

We do our best to connect you with people in your area, as it is possible. This is a practice in surrender, opening, and curiosity. Because people of all gender identities, sexual orientations, ages and locations are welcome, view these interactions as dating practice with the potential for romantic connection, but not as a guaranteed pairing. We pre-arrange the breakout rooms and do our best with the information you give us to organize the room. It’s some method but mostly magic. Because we understand human nature, and how we naturally feel called to or drawn to certain people in group experiences, we offer something called Free-Will Connection, which allows you to indicate on a private form, if there was someone who you didn’t meet, who you’d like to connect with, if that sentiment is reciprocated, we connect you two following the experience.