10/20: LA-Based Virtual Micro-Event (60-minutes)

about this event

Like small-group speed-dating but slower, mindful, with breathwork and completely guided by a facilitator.

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humhum is a platform for virtual conscious dating— this particular event is a LA-Based dating experience for all people.

Open to all ages.

Join us for a micro-event. You’ll gather in a small group of 4-8 people and be guided by a facilitator in an icebreaker, some breathwork, and intention setting before going on 2-4 1:1 dates within 50-60 minutes.

This experience also includes an optional 20 minute coaching session before or after your dates.

humhum reminds us of the sacredness of relationship, providing a safe, high-vibe container to practice connecting face-to-face in ways that realign us with our own essence.

This virtual experience turns speed-dating on its head, using mindfulness, movement, and guided dialogue to connect meaningfully and playfully with others.

Enjoy the process of dating

humhum feels like a valuable use of time regardless of matching outcomes. We practice connecting with curiosity and presence and release attachment to an outcome.

Connect meaningfully with others

Practice listening, and be witnessed— experience vulnerable and light-hearted interactions with others via guided discussion, shared silence, and play. We engage our bodies and minds, rather than just eyes and brains.

Practice, learn, evolve

Learn tools like mindfulness and reflection to reconnect with yourself while meeting others. We cultivate discernment, presence, and curiosity

The vibe? Novel, mindful, connected.

Email community@humhum.space with questions about this experience, or sign-up here to reserve your spot. We look forward to seeing you!



BI&PoC Folx, please feel free to use the discount code BIPOC for 25% off your ticket.