The Best Spas & Healing Camps at Burning Man

Burning Man is a dusty, sweaty place. Fortunately there are many camps to wash the platina away. You can get the spa treatment–steam baths, bodywork, human car washes, even a mani-pedi–all for free on the playa. Here’s some I’ve tried & loved, and some on my radar:

1. The Human Car Wash

Part sound camp, part foam party, part group shower, Foamagerie (aka the Human Car Wash) is a unique experience. You get naked, climb into a container with a bunch of other dusty burners, get sprayed with water, then Dr. Bronners foam, and then water again. After you’re clean, dry off to dancing (still naked) to the world class DJ who’ll be playing in the dome.

Foamagerie is open Wednesday thru Saturday 1-4:20pm for everyone, and from 12-1pm for families with kids.

2. A Bathhouse on Wheels

I didn’t hop on the BlackRock Blockhaus when I saw it on the playa last burn because my companion didn’t want to get naked, but next time I see this mobile bathhouse I’m hopping on. How they made a bathhouse art car is beyond me, but I’m here for it.

3. HeeBeeGeeBee

HeeBeeGeeBee Healers has been offering burners free massages, reiki, meditation, and bodywork for 21 years. They are coming back for their 22nd burn, offering 1:1 sessions from 10am-1pm and 2-5pm on Tuesday through Friday. If you need some physical, mental, or energetic healing, find them at Nectar Village (8 & E).

4. HealAF

I am intending on visiting HealAF this year, after I read their camp’s offerings combine traditional Asian healing modalities and modern science. They offer Tai Chi, sound baths, moxibustion, and even hyperbaric oxygen therapy in their Kezhan-inspired lounge.

5. Energy Work

Harmonic Convergence Camp will be doing group hands-on energy healings Monday through Friday from 9 am – 1 pm.

6. La Calaca Village

Two healing domes welcome you to this Mexican-inspired camp. Monday through Friday, 11-5pm, find trained practicioners offering therapies and care from massage and reiki to Tarot and sound.

7. Healing Foot Wash

Trust me, you don’t want playa foot. Keep your feet clean, ph-balanced & moisturized. If you find your feet feeling a lil crusty, find the Healing Foot Wash Camp, another OG camp. This Christian Science-based camp offers foot washing (it’s biblically symbolic) under a large shade canopy. Regardless of what you believe/practice, clean & moisturized feet feel amazing, but if you enjoy the spirit of it, you can wash someone else’s feet too.

There are lots of other smaller camps offering other treatments, including Afterglow Lounge & Spa, Astral Head Wash Camp (who will wash your hair), and Beardhaus for beard care.

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