Burning Man Camps You Need to Know for Emergencies, Breakdowns, Charging, Wifi & Repairs

With sculptures to climb, mutant vehicles, and a ridiculous amount of flame throwers, Burning Man comes with some risks. If you read the waiver/disclaimer written on your Burning Man ticket, you’ll notice that the organization takes no responsibility for death or casualties.

Luckily, Burners are a helpful bunch and have many camps & offerings to help in precarious times. If you are someone near you is experiencing difficulty, here’s where to go.

All Emergencies

BRC Rangers (not the BLM Rangers, who are Federally employed) are volunteer Burners here to help people in distress. They can radio for help and/or guide you to the best places & people to get the help you need.

Go to them before the police or the BLM Rangers, especially if substances are involved. They are dressed like grown-up Boy Scouts. Look for their Burning Man badges and lanyards to tell them apart from federal rangers.

They can be found throughout the playa, at their HQ (Esplanade at 5:45), or at their two outposts on either side of the dial: Ranger Outpost Berlin is at 3:00 and C & Ranger Outpost Tokyo is at 9:00 & C.

Medical Emergencies

The Med Tents are staffed by licensed medical professionals, all volunteering their time. The one time I ended up in a Med tent (a propane accident) I found it staffed with highly competent and sober doctors & nurses. You can find these tents on C near the 3:00 and 9:00 plazas, and at 5:15 on the Esplanade.

PL-EYE-A Camp helps with any eye issues weekdays from 1-4. Take note, however: Dr. Playa’s Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic doesn’t have actual doctors, just helpful ways to clean & keep all three body parts free from the effects of dust.

Menstrual & Reproductive Issues

Of my 10 Burns I’ve been to so far, I’ve gotten my period at EVERY SINGLE ONE, no matter when it was due. I’ve even heard of menopausal women getting their periods after years without one at the burn. The playa is a mysterious, magical place, so come prepared.

But, if you aren’t prepared, Camp Redhanded and Camp Period offer limited menstrual supplies. 

Planned Playahood offers “second aid” services including health consultations from real-world medical professionals, provision of contraceptives, pregnancy tests, and hygiene products. 

Psychedelic Emergencies

If someone is having a bad trip or difficult psychedelic experience, bring them to The Zendo Project. This camp is staffed by trained volunteers who can help support people experiencing difficult psychedelic experiences and transform these experiences into opportunities for growth, revelation, and healing.

Bike Repair

With extreme alkaline dust working its way through cheaply made burner bikes, chains break, gears stick, and many bikes will need some TLC during the Burn. Luckily, there are a handful of camps purpose-built to keep you rolling:

Armageddon Bike Camp, Blank Slate, Cranky & Sons are all open 24/7 for bike repair, because breakdowns can happen anytime.

During “office hours”, Majestic bike repair, Playa Bike & Body Works & other camps will help you fix your bike. Playa Bike Repair will fix your bike on the playa, and rent you bikes off the playa.

Pandora’s Lounge & Fix-it Shoppe will help you repair just about anything, but bikes are their specialty, offering education, tools and parts, for bike repair.

For ebikes, ElectriCity or Camp Electron-Help may be able to help.

Other Mechanical Repairs

Black Rock City Welding & Repair will help you weld anything that needs it.

Ray’s Fix-It doesn’t do bikes nor mutant vehicles, but it has power tools and expertise available during their office hours, or you can help yourself 24/7 with hand tools, work space, and plenty of materials.

Gears & Beers can help with vehicle, art car, and mobility devices, but it won’t fix bikes.

Illumination Help

You NEED lights at night. Luckily, Lit AF provides some LEDs in case you forget yours. If your LEDs go out, there are camps to fix them at. Blinky Repair Camp, Blinky Things Hospital, and Camp Electron-Help are on playa to assist you with any electronic help. 

Charging Support

Hook Up Camp offers a public charging station & charges mobile batteries for disabled burners in off-peak hours.

ElectriCity offers electronics and bike repair support + LED and device solar charging.


Presence is a principle (Immediacy) at this festival, so it’s lucky service is limited and data is scarce on the playa, making it harder to scroll and surf the web. But, if you do require wifi, you can connect at the airport.

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