The 2023 Burning Man Guides

This will be my 11th Burn, and I’m already getting packed. I’ve learned a lot over the years on how to thrive at this desert festival. I’ve camped in theme camps, helped build camps, free camped… slept in RVs, tents, vans, yurts, teepees, ShiftPods, and on a giant stuffed Teddybear (that was unintentional and only for one night). So I feel like I can offer a lot of guidance to newbie and advanced burners alike.

As one of my Playa Gifts, I’ve created a series of guides, and one free master guide to Burning Man. From Alcohol-free Burns, to navigating the Orgy dome, to non-EDM music, here are some things you may want to know before heading into the dust:

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