How to Enjoy Burning Man Alcohol-Free

I haven’t drunk alcohol in over 9 years, and went to Burning Man every one of those years (except Covid). My first 2 burns, I had a cup carabiner-ed to my bag, ready to receive the cocktails, spiked lemonades, and other beverages endlessly poured out for free at the various camps and pop-up bars. It was as fun as it was dehydrating.

I still BYO cup, but since dropping the booze, I’ve had my cup filled (metaphorically speaking) every burn and feel like I’m missing nothing. This festival may seem like one big open bar, but there are many non-alcoholic offerings you won’t feel left out if you choose to forgo the booze:


  • Bubble TEAs has boba
  • There’s always teas (24/7) at Skinny Kitty Teahouse
  • Mint tea is served with fresh baked bread at Lovin Oven
  • Golden Chai & Camp Howzit both serve Chai
  • Hour Kava serves shells of kava, kratom, and matcha
  • Nom de Plume will have Yerba Mate + other teas
  • Camp Soft Landing, Black Rock City Tea Company, Infinite Love, ParTEA animals, Refugee Camp, Rest in Peace, Steam Dream (in Foam Village), & The Harmonic Cafe all serve teas
  • Enjoy Iced Matcha Lattes in the afternoons at Once Upon a Teatime
  • Camp Teapunk has tea & mocktails
  • Pepperland will have a cream tea event


Coffee camps are everywhere, and there will probably be a few more since Center Camp closed its coffee shop:


  • Water Temple serves water and kombucha on tap
  • Honkers Harbor is serving draft kombucha & cold brew
  • Boots & Cats serves kom”boot”cha in the afternoons


  • There’s a full non-alcoholic bar with herbal elixirs at The Sweet Spot (12-4 every day)
  • Camp Synaesthesia plans on offering a range of “multi-sensory” mocktails
  • Floristonia will have virgin margaritas
  • There will also be mocktails at The Last Mercantile and Camp Fuego


Burning Man Project puts out its own sober guide, but it’s focused on the AA & NA experience, of which there are a few camps, multiple meetings a day & ample support.

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