AI Burning Man Fashion Ideas

It’s Festival season and, because I’m big on getting creative rather than buying mass-produced festival wear (check out my post on a Conscious Guide to Burning Man Fashion), I’ve started ideating. And because this is the first festival season where I have access to AI, I decided to ask Midjourney for some creative inspiration on a gold crown.

This is not a new idea. My instagram feed is full of AI-designed fashion (like these shoes) and I believe there will be a few collections inspired by AI next season.

My first few prompts for a gold acrylic mirror crown offered interesting designs. I tried adding words like “handmade,” “3D printed,” and “laser cut.” I tried “headdress” instead of “crown” too. Here are some of the variations:

Then, I realised I wanted a crown I could light up to wear both day and night. The winning design came on the fifth prompt:

A Midjourney image of a handmade LED crown

Now I’ll use ChatGPT to help me create it.

On a side note, I was disappointed that the latest version of Midjourney v5, which promised to fix its patriarchal beauty standards, generated 13 of the 16 AI women as thin white women. Do better, Midjourney.

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