How to Manifest

How to Manifest, According to the Experts

Since Rhonda Byrne’s book The Secret came out in 2006, there’s been a growing interest and belief in manifestation. Teachers such as Joe Dispenza, Abraham Hicks, To Be Magnetic’s Lacy Phillips, and Deepak Chopra all teach their own techniques to manifest. Here are my summaries of what these teachers teach, so you can find a practice that works for you:

Joe Dispenza

The author of Becoming Supernatural, emphasizes that everything in the universe is energy. By remembering that your are energy and becoming “no-body, no-where, and no-thing”, you shift your awareness from the 3D world to the quantum field, where anything can be manifested. From the limitless potentiality of this quantum field, you can change matter and create what you believe you are worthy of.

Dispenza teaches that our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions create a frequency that the universe responds to. By breaking our habits, stepping out of the ordinary on the regular, we open to new potentials and opportunities.

He places a lot of emphasis on manifesting health, and uses rigorous scientific testing to prove that meditation can change matter. Many of his meditations also focus on the heart, the center of creation because emotions are the engine of manifestation. By changing our emotions, we can change the frequency we are emitting and attract different things, conditions, and experiences into our lives.

I was late to getting into Dispenza’s work, mostly because the legions of his fans seemed beyond devotional, and I had no interest in joining a new cult. However, after a couple serendipities, I found myself attending one of his weeklong advanced workshops. His meditations weren’t like the meditations I usually practiced. These were 90minute+ journeys which incorporate breathwork, the chakras (what he calls the “energy centers”) and deep meditation. One 5-hour meditation left me feeling like I’d taken psychedelics. I’m still practicing his meditations on the daily and though I’ve always been able to manifest small things with ease, I am noticing my belief muscle is strengthening, which will no doubt manifest the big things.


Abraham, as channeled by Esther Hicks, teaches that manifestation is about staying in a high vibration, feeling good, and trusting in the universe’s timing. Through a combination of positive thinking, visualization, and emotional alignment, you can manifest your dreams and desires. Abraham explains that our thoughts and feelings are like magnets, attracting experiences and circumstances that match our vibration.

What Joe Dispenza calls the “Quantum Field,” Abraham Hicks calls, “the Vortex,” where everything is manifested. When you’re in the Vortex, you’re in a state of flow, joy, and creation.

To manifest, according to Abraham, you only need to discover your desires, envision your desires, celebrate them as existing NOW, and continually shift your focus to what feels good.

To Be Magnetic from Lacy Phillips

Lacy Phillips teaches that positive thoughts alone don’t manifest much if the subconscious mind is thinking thoughts of low self-worth.

She approaches manifestation through a process of deconditioning and reprogramming the subconscious mind, what she has developed as a Neural Manifestation technique. She believes that past traumas and negative beliefs can block manifestation, and advocates for identifying and releasing these limiting patterns through their proprietary audio-based recorded exercises called DI’s or ‘Deep Imaginings’ that allow your subconscious mind (where you manifest from) to come forward in a theta or alpha (hypnotic) state, journaling, EMDR, self-reflection, and visualization. Manifestation only happens when we reconnect with our most authentic self and by shedding the subconscious programming and shame that we pick up over the years.

Like Joe Dispenza, Lacy Phillips emphasizes that neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to continually grow and change, is what makes manifesting a new life possible. By rewriting negative mental patterns, we can create new neural pathways that are rooted in low self-worth.

My co-founder Mel Nahas has practiced Lacy’s work for several years and credits one of the first big pieces of Conscious City Guide’s next chapter to this work. You can listen to how Mel manifested our partnership and investment from Live Nation in an interview with Lacy on the To Be Magnetic podcast here. If you are curious about this practice To Be Magnetic is offering 15% off to our community when you use our LINK HERE and code: CONSCIOUS

Deepak Chopra

In Deepak Chopra’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, he lays out Universal laws to understand and follow in order to manifest your desires:

The Law of Pure Potentiality: Our highest self is pure consciousness, which is limitless. To manifest anything into existence, become aware of your limitless nature and the infinite potentiality of your being. This is best done in meditation.

The Law of Giving: If you want to receive, give. Keeping abundance circulating by giving anything from a compliment to money.

The Law of Karma: Every action has an equal response. By making choices that bring happiness and success to others, we ensure that happiness and success will also come back to us.

The Law of Least Effort: Acceptance, rather than fighting what is, will dissolve your resistance to creating what you desire. Vision, what you want, believe it is possible, and then let go. There is no need to worry about how it will come, just trust it will.

The Law of Intention and Desire: Know your desires. Write them down so they are in your consciousness & out in the universe.

The Law of Detachment: Don’t force things to happen, allow.

The Law of Dharma: We have a higher purpose in this life. There is a cosmic plan for our lives which will be of benefit to the world. Find and know your purpose and watch how the universe supports you fulfilling it.

Chopra also says the key to manifesting is to become what you want to be or receive: “If you want to attract love, then you have to be loving, if you want to attract peace, then you have to be peaceful.”

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