5 Ways to Connect Deeper

We all crave connection, because it is essential to our health it. Research has proven that strong social connections increase longevity by 50%. But our egos often get in the way of our own happiness and health by putting up mental and verbal walls. Here are a few practices and mindsets to break through those barriers to deepen your connection with your lover, friends, family, and that stranger you randomly meet.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is intimacy. When we make eye contact with someone, we can communicate without words, showing our love, care, presence, and focus. They in turn, feel seen and listened to. To deepen this connection further, try eye gazing.

And there’s physical reward for your gaze: Studies have shown that making eye contact for 30-60 seconds can release oxytocin in the brain, reducing stress and anxiety while fostering feelings of trust, love, and social bonding.


Sharing your vulnerabilities with someone is a powerful way to establish a deeper connection. When you open up and reveal parts of yourself that you may not normally show, it sends a message of trust and creates an opportunity for the other person to do the same.


We may think we know the person in front of us, but every person each contains a vast inner landscape of thoughts, beliefs, and interests. And they have lives a life full of experiences unique to them. What has shaped them? What is their greatest fear? Desire? Joy? Heartbreak? Dream? Ask the deeper questions. Not only will your conversations be richer, but the person will feel seen and appreciated. And the deeper the conversations go, the deeper you can connect.

Active Listening

Paying attention to what the other person is saying without interrupting or getting distracted is a key aspect of active listening. This sends the message that you value the other person’s thoughts and feelings and leads to improved communication, increased trust, and better relationships.

Allow yourself to step outside of your familiar beliefs and assumptions, and truly listen with an open heart and mind. Don’t jump to formulate a response before fully absorbing and comprehending what’s being shared with you.

Physical Touch

Touch is a powerful tool for connection and can release oxytocin, reducing stress and promoting feelings of trust and social bonding. Touch also has physical benefits, including reduced blood pressure and improved heart health. Consensual touch, such as hugs, handshakes, or holding hands, is an essential part of human connection.

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