How to: Acro Lifts with AcroJames

Positive Impact Movement: Travis, James, Andreas, and Nathan

Want to do that iconic Dirty Dancing lift? Or maybe just play play with getting off the ground?

There’s probably no one more qualified to teach you Acro lifts than James Heugh, ex-Cirque du Soleil performer and 1/4 of Positive Impact Movement, the “acrobatic boy band” who are bringing the first Movement Festival to the Las Vegas Circus Center in April.

We asked James to teach us some Acro & he taught us two lifts, one for beginners and one for more advanced Acro yogis and dancers.

What is Acro?
Acro is a collection of different poses and techniques that bring two more people together to achieve some pretty spectacular movements. Acro reignites the passion for play as we flow, lift, and counterbalance with one another. This practice requires us to practice effective communication, to trust each other, foster community, and build our bodies to become stronger.

Can anyone do Acro?
No matter what your experience level or movement background, there is something for everyone. From healing therapeutics that help restore bodies back from injury, to flashy dance lifts that will give you ultimate bragging rights on the dance floor, each individual can create their own path with their unique Acro practice. The hardest part about Acro will be getting yourself to try it for the first time, after that you will be hooked!

How should someone approach learning Acro?
Enjoy the Process! This practice takes patience, it will give you an opportunity each time you play, a chance to practice the best version of yourself. Always treating your partner with the utmost respect, enthusiastically encouraging one another, and communicating compassionately. Enjoy each other’s company as you get out of your comfort zone and try something new!

For Beginners: The Mom Hip

For Intermediate/ Advanced: The High Bird

Learn from James In-Person

  • Friday Apr 21| Spring Valley

    Positive Impact Movement Festival

    The first Movement Festival bringing together the world’s top acrobats, Ninja Warriors, flow & movement arts! Join us to make a Positive Impact through Movement as we celebrate community, inclusivity, …

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