Yoni Steaming with Erlinda Carter

This article is by Erlinda Carter

What is a Yoni Steam, what is a yoni steam good for ? Yoni Steaming or vaginal steaming is an ancient wellness practice done all over the world ….Except in America. The reason for this is a long lengthy list. If you were to ask your medical provider their thoughts on yoni steaming you will likely get a bit of push back or a bit of transparency. Our medical system has not studied vaginal steaming, so this practice and the data may not be provided in any medical journal.

If you were to google Yoni Steaming you would see several articles calling you names for even googling it or telling you your yoni dreams are about to come true. I learned about this practice at a women’s gathering in my friend’s living room. On folded chairs in the Mumu Mansion on a Friday night I intently listened to Kelli Garza of Steamy Chick talk about all the things I had been dealing with for what felt like my entire adult life: BV, yeast infections, postpartum healing, 7 day periods, blood clots and intense cramps. Since I was a little girl all the things my vulva was going through were normalized. This pain and discomfort was my lot in life for being born a girl and there was nothing I could do about it. But Kelli had the answer and I went on my steaming journey.

On my journey I have met a handful of women who steam with their aunties and grandmothers and this tradition has been passed down to them. They took no class and got no title but they know the benefits and risks and can speak of it just as well. Some Grandmothers did not pass on this tradition, assimilating to Western traditions. Leaving behind the wisdom their mothers taught them. Let’s take a moment to honor generational wisdom. Prayers and thanks to the grandmothers growing herbs on their land and finding the benefits of steaming with them.

Now let’s get down to the deets! Everyone wants to know the basics. When? Where? Why? How? Before I get into all that I want to say if you have a medical condition of ANY kind please find you a medical provider that is aligned with you so that you can receive WHOLISTIC care. This includes mental, spiritual, emotional and physical care. Please do not try to yoni steam alone to cure any medical condition. Women have lost their lives not accessing all their help, in honor of them I am going to tell you right now Yoni Steaming is not a cure all. Yoni steaming is only 1 of MANY things we could all be doing to take care of ourselves.


3 consecutive days before you start bleeding.This will help break down the lining of the uterus so when you bleed your body does not have to work as hard which tends to cause the extremely painful cramps/contractions. 3 consecutive days after your period when there is no more fresh bright red blood. This helps clean out the old blood. If you are no longer steaming but are experiencing dryness and discomfort, steaming can support you. Steaming is not only for bleeding bodies. Also men and women who are dealing with hemorrhoids have found comfort in steaming.


There are Yoni Steam Practitioners all over! After working with a practitioner once or twice you can steam in the comfort of your home. Ideally every woman would have a yoni steaming stool in her home.


If you bleed monthly, or have a womb space, or are in a postpartum phase (abortion, miscarriage or birth) steaming can support you.


For ease I highly suggest a steaming box. But if you are in a clutch squatting/kneeling over a stainless steel pot or ceramic bowl will do. Some folks put some sort of plastic bowl or a pot in a toilet … and yes it works but for me the toilet is for holding things coming out. Generally most will steam for 10 min to 30 min. Sit with a practitioner to find the ideal steaming set up for you.

For many folks there is a lot of fear around steaming and the unknown for most of us is scary. Some will say “you will burn yourself” and it’s true. You’re dealing with hot water….I have burned myself drinking a hot cup of tea. So yes, you must be careful. Also if the steam is too hot to sit over GET UP! Like I tell everyone This is not a workout ad or tampon commercial. We aren’t pushing past the pain to see results. This is a gentle loving process. Ideal herbs for steaming are herbs that have volatile oil.


Rosemary, rose, sage, orange/lemon peels, basil and bay leaves. Each of these herbs support different things going on with you. Never use essential oil, that is toooo strong for your vulva!

Sitting down with a steaming practitioner to walk you through this is ideal. Of course, find someone who is aligned with you. If someone is saying steaming it is going to fix every issue in your body and restore you to ultimate health run and fast!

Sending each of you love on your wellness journey. You are worth it!

More about the Author:

Erlinda Denise is a daughter of the Seven Sisters.  Certified Vaginal Steaming Practitioner, Birth Witch (aka Birthworker or Doula) and Dir of Operations at Sovern LA a non profit intersectional community space. She has a deep passion for supporting women and womb bodied beings and creating a space for vulnerable discussions and honest topics that generate healing and self love. Her steaming journey started over 5 years ago as a personal self love practice. She created Girl Gang Steaming after completing Steamy Chick courses. She has expanded her journey by becoming a Full Spectrum Birthworker supporting birthing folks transitioning into Parenthood.

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