How to Find Conscious Community

Community is essential. It’s a basic human need to feel connected, seen, heard, and loved. And if the saying that “you are a combination of the people you spend the most time with” is true, then finding your people becomes self-care.

If you are new to a city, or just wanted to find more aligned friends and social groups, here are some ways to find and grow your own conscious community:

Decide what kind of community you are looking for.
Do you want a playful community who will inspire dance and movement? Do you want to be surrounded by creativity? Are you seeking support for your healing journey?

Take a moment to consider what qualities and interests you want in your community. Intention is the first step in magnetizing anything to you, even community. You also have to match what you’re calling in. Ask yourself if you reflect the qualities you’re seeking in a community?

Explore workshops and events
Workshops such as Authentic Relating, Tantric Speed Dating, and mens/womens circles are designed to connect you to people quickly and deeply and can be a fast way to establish friendships.

But anything that interests you will give you the opportunity to meet new people because attending events and workshops automatically puts you in the same space as other people on the same wavelength.

Follow your passions, and you’ll find your people.
Find an experience you’d enjoy in your area. Then go. Take the initiative to connect with people you meet there.

Have a spiritual or meditative practice? Practice together.
Spirituality is a strong glue in uniting people. Practicing together fosters discipline and consistency. Because most spiritual groups know this, they often plan events, gatherings, and study groups to facilitate fellowship. Join in. The people you’ll meet already have a shared interest and values.

Note: while exploring any Spirituality, faith or modality, check in with your intuition. Spiritual communities can become cultish, so it’s important to keep a sense of self while joining into a sense of “us.”*If you suspect you’re in a cult, please read this.

Create your own events
Have a practice you can share? Knowledge you can teach? Invite people into your interests by hosting a gathering, workshop, or event. You can create an event here for people in your city or online to find.

When I first moved to rural Australia from Sydney, I couldn’t find local yoga, nightlife, nor friends. Then I invited a woman I met to join me on the beach for yoga. Soon I was leading a small group a couple times a week. We grew into a small community.

When you can’t find community, grow your own.

Sites like Conscious City Guide
We set out to co-create a global community and micro-communities in cities by providing a platform of events to find your people. Whatever interest you have, from race car driving to roller skating, there’s an online community for it.

Find Community at These Events