What Is The Aura

What Is The Aura

An article by our community partner Barbara Canals

Have you ever asked – what is my aura ? Have you ever felt like you are much more than your body? 

That is exactly right: We are actually energetic beings with many different layers – we have a physical body, an emotional body, a mental body and a spiritual body. 

This is what we call your Energy Structure – made up of our body, the physical part and your energy field or aura (the non-visible space around your body which is still you).

Your physical body is the densest part of yourself – where the energy, which is vibrating slowly is most densified, so that it becomes matter – and therefore it is visible. 

On the other hand, your other bodies or parts of yourself are non-physical (non-visible to the “normal” eye). Most of the time, for most people, instead of seeing these non-physical parts we sense them. 

You probably get good or bad vibes from someone; or you feel like you know that person even if you have never actually met them before; or talk about them having a certain radiance

This is because you are unconsciously reading or feeling their aura; also called an energy field. 

An energy field contains an extremely fine vibrating energy that surrounds the body of all human beings.

The energy field contains your entire consciousness potential, blockages regarding this potential and information about your overall psychological and physical state. 

If you were born before 1995 then your energy field has a certain makeup which I will proceed to describe now – but before that, it is important to note that since the energy of the planet has changed so drastically since the end of the 80s, it is probably time for you to upgrade to the New Time Energy field were you will be able to access a lot more of your potential and have a new permanent protective layer

The Old Time Energy Structure, the one from before 1995 contains:

  • The physical body which expresses and materialises our spirit energies
  • The etheric body, which is the body’s physical protection – for many this layer is broken down or damaged and so you feel extremely exposed to external physical or mental influences and this results in skin disorders, allergies, sensitivities
  • The astral body follows the etheric body and it holds all our karmic and emotional records of your past, present and future
  • The lower mental body which contains all acquired knowledge and memory and holds information about our thoughts and logical reasoning
  • The higher mental body is the farthest away from your body and contains the your unlimited consciousness potential

As I was saying above, this Old Time Energy Structure may not be working for you any longer, as it is not compatible with the current energy and consciousness evolution. 

You might notice this if:

  • You are extremely sensitive to external thought forms, beliefs or other people
  • You are very tired or exhausted without doing much
  • You can’t be around a lot of people, malls or places of the sorts or big or small groups
  • You feel like you repeat patterns and situations in your life over and over again and you can’t get past them
  • You feel like you are stuck in between worlds … Where you feel you want to be but stuck in the old
  • There is a lot of drama in your life
  • You feel you have a lot to give but something pulls you back and you can’t
  • You have sensitivity to things in your environment
  • You sleep poorly and are constantly exhausted
  • You have memory loss or forget things easily
  • You are split in many ways – pulled in many directions
  • You cant feel what you really want or if you do you do not go through it because of old beliefs or conditioning
  • People take over your space – transgress your boundaries
  • You can’t speak your truth or follow your passion – you are passionless
  • You feel stuck with no direction, motivation or drive

Upgrading your energy field to the New Time Energy Structure means that all the above can be completely reversed. 

Very much like upgrading your phone or computer you can upgrade your Energy Structure with AuraTransformation, which is a one time energy treatment which upgrades the Energy Structure so that you can let go of all karma and emotional blockages, radically expand your consciousness and ground Spirit (Higher Self) in the body and protect you from external energies/influences. 

With the upgraded Energy Field you can radically transform your life and live a life of purpose, empowerment and joy; following your heart’s true passion and truth. 

Some of the results of upgrading your Energy Structure with AuraTransformation are:

  • Stronger intuition and drive
  • Contact with the whole of your consciousness
  • Protection of your physical body
  • Direct contact with your consciousness 
  • Keep your own energies to yourself – Natural boundaries
  • Intensified magnetism and attraction power
  • Function from a place of your truth and passion and follow your purpose
  • Finding yourself more whole and together, with more energy, charisma and joy

You can read more about AuraTransformation, the New Time Energies and your Consciousness Expansion by downloading the ebook here.

More about the Author:

Barbara Canals is a Consciousness and Energy Activator. (AuraMediator / Energy Intuitive / Clairsentient / Coach)

Her mission is to bring forth the New Time Energies to people that are ready to step into this Golden Age being fully responsible for their own energy, ready to carry out their purpose, living empowered in joy and balance. 

She works in different ways, with different modalities, such as AuraTransformation, Divine Love Language Transmissions, Energy Balancing, Kinesiology and Energy Medicine) with the purpose of integrating body, mind and Spirit and assisting people in finding wholeness and balance within so they can live an inspired life with joy and purpose.

She speaks extensively in events, conferences and summits about the New Consciousness Paradigm, the New Time Energies, upgrading our energy systems and the transformation (healing) process. 

She is a TEDx speaker where she has spoken about these topics.

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