An Article from our partners Farmers Footprint

A mix of sweat, dirt, and vibrant citrus filled the air. A young Greg Reese walked side by side with his Grandma on a hot summer day in California. One of his hands sandwiched in hers, the other outstretched as far as his fingertips would allow, just within reach to pluck a ripe lemon from the branch. The skin of the lemon under his fingernails as he peeled it open, the sharp spritz of citrus droplets riding his inhale like a roller coaster soaring down the track of his senses, waking up everything – this is the first memory Greg recalls experiencing food and joy as one in the same. That lemon tree still stands today as does the resonance of this moment that would become the foundation for what Greg would build and become.

As a first generation farmer, I want other people who didn’t grow up on a farm to know it is possible to find your place in agriculture.”