An Article from our partners Farmers Footprint

As a child, Amyrose Foll found a wonderland between her front door and the divinely woven paths of the Allegheny Mountain Range in Pennsylvania. It was perfect. Her dust-filled boots were always just a few paces behind her father’s. Whether it was a breeze sending leaves into a swirling whirlwind around her or the towering tree bark far older and wiser than she, it woke a tingling in her skin in a way only the great outdoors could. Aside from the natural elements, her Eastern European mother and Indigenous father of Penobscot/Abenaki heritage were her greatest teachers. Nothing but foraging, fishing and taking care of others were on the lesson plan. He taught her how to listen and heed the call of the land. She showed her the greatest force on the planet is food because it can bond and nourish an entire community.

I am here to break the mold. Where things are right now in the world, we honestly have nothing to lose by teaching people how to feed themselves, save seeds, plant seeds, and above all, be empathetic to the earth.”

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