MEET THE FARMER: Paul & Lacey Cannon

An Article from our partners Farmers Footprint

Paul Cannon, Kumeyaay-Ipai from the San Pasqual Indian reservation made the decision it was time for change. Alongside his wife, Lacey Cannon, they returned home to his people and the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians reservation. As a dynamic duo, Paul and Lacey launched Indigenous Regeneration in 2017 when they moved from the coast to the Reservation 6 years ago to build a house and raise their 2 sons. They immediately knew they wanted to do something to make the reservation a better place to raise their boys.

The inspiration to bring a garden to the Reservation was planted three years ago by a friend and the wisdom and guidance from Paul’s late grandmother clarified the vision. Proceeds from their first benefit concert funded their 501c3 formation and three years later what has manifested on their land is something to witness.

Indigenous Regeneration now consists of three project sites including Mata’Yuum Farm & Garden, San Pasqual Elders Medicine Path and Constructed Wetlands and the Ishpa Kumeyaay Food Forest. 

“When we live within the cycle of nature, health and wellness follow.”

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