MEET THE FARMER: Vincent & Irene Min’a

An Article from our partners Farmers Footprint

Meet Vincent & Irene Min’a of Kahanu ‘Aina Greens. Their story is one you won’t forget. Their energy and connection to the soil is contagious and they are breaking the mold of what a “farm” looks like. When most people think about a farm they think of needing to own a vast amount of acreage and produce at scale to be profitable. Well, friends, Kahanu ‘Aina Greens is proof that isn’t true. At just 2,500 square feet, they are thriving and growing as a profitable business.

When Irene was pregnant with her daughter, she had this relentless craving for sunflower greens. And as everyone pretty much knows, when a pregnant woman has a craving you don’t want to get in the way. So Irene would make a daily trip to the local health food store and clean out the entire shelf of these greens until one fateful day – the day they looked at each other and said, “why don’t we just grow our own?” And they did. They grew their own sunflower greens in their home and quickly realized it wasn’t only Irene’s craving, local neighbors in the community wanted them too. And just like that, more seeds were planted. And just like that, more seeds were planted. The microgreens grew, as did the demand, which would ultimately become Kahanu ‘Aina Greens (Breath of the Land), the homestead urban farm named after their daughter Kahanulani (Breath of Heaven), who started it all in utero.

“Being a regenerative farmer is not an exclusive club. I have deep respect for any farmer.”