3 Ways to Keep Your Inner Self Cool in the Hot Summer

Poolside yoga and meditation

We all know that Summertime is not all about the sunshine, cold drinks, pool parties, and sun dresses like we imagined it in Winter. There are also endless sweats and sunburns, extra expenses on ice drinks, and the constant feeling of your makeup melting underneath the sun. It’s funny how we have experienced it so many times after all these years, but then still only remember the good parts about each season when we’re NOT in it. Kind of like how we miss being single when we were in a relationship and miss being in a relationship when we were single. 

With all the heat, sweats and hormones floating around (especially in LA! All the beach bodies!), there are ways to seek peace and cool your inner self down during the hot Summer. 

Poolside yoga

Poolside Yoga and Meditations

Who says the pool time has to be party time? We don’t always have to get drunk to have fun. Here is a free poolside yoga section surrounded by cactuses and trees. There is a mini waterfall to bring some more zen to this urban sanctuary. It skips the hottest time of the day and is curated to utilize the golden sunset hours. 

Journaling in a Cold Bath

Relax, not the crazy ice bath therapy – unless you want it. I found it super relaxing to just fill my tub with cold water, light some candles and jot down my thoughts. Immersing yourself in a cold bathtub cools down every cell of your body and no bathing suit is required! When your body is cooled down, it clears your head rather quickly. So it would be a perfect time to start journaling and free up some space in our minds. It is beneficial for both our body and soul. Add a glass of wine on the side if you want and your inner self will thank you!

Mid-day Relaxation Swim

As working from home became a norm for many of us, why don’t we utilize the flexibility? Apart from sitting in a coffee shop, a co-working space, or a desk at home, we can also sit by a private pool with fast-speed wifi. Sharing economy is more and more common and some people rent out their private pools by the hour. Imagine that you can dip into a pool during your lunch break and take a quick nap for 10 minutes before getting back to work. It recharges you way more efficiently than scrolling on your phone for 20 minutes.

Some people thrive in Summer and some are the opposite. At a time like this, we all have to be a Summer person. The key is always to find things that spark joy in the heat. Just like life, we’re here already, why don’t we make the most out of it?

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