5 tips to Release the Resistance: Reparenting the Inner Child

An Article by our community partner Winter Clark Activates

Some of our greatest soul growth moments are met with the greatest and equal amount of resistance.

In times of growth and expansion we’re consciously reaching for a next level or a new phase but oftentimes our whole selves are not entirely on board for such disruption! When we pause to consider our whole self we can begin to see the beautiful complexity of our being. We’re an amalgamation of shadow, light, memory, electrical impulses, matter and so much more all providing an experience for the soul to have on this earth. 

However if we distill it further to how we navigate the world and the extraordinary spaces within it, we find our subconscious at the helm. Our subconscious that is connected to our inner child is always watching, sensing, informing and reacting. That inner child remembers all and sees all but from the lens of protection, nurturing and safety. When we encounter change and growth, these are the factors that spring the inner child into actions powered by fear, anxiety and uncertainty. The inner child can create such a resistance that generates an unwillingness to move forward or try something new that’s important for us.

So with such a subtle energy how can we identify it and re-parent this part of ourselves? Here’s a simple process to begin working with this dynamic; you can use these suggestions as gentle guidelines, adjusting for what feels intuitively right for you.


When you find yourself in the moment of resistance take a pause and notice where it’s hanging out in your body.


Get curious and ask the resistance what it needs from you. You may find memories of your childhood flooding forth from a specific age or incident connecting from a similar time of fear or anxiety.


Be compassionate with the energy that’s coming forth from within and with yourself! Offer it reassurance and acknowledgement. Let that part of you know that there’s nothing to fear and that you can be trusted to navigate. 


As the energy moves through your body feel free to journal, move, cry, laugh, stretch, dance or whatever feels good for you to help it release and transmute.


Let your body know that there is more nurturing, love and care available where that came from. Take a moment to continue the self care with some tea, a walk outside in nature or a calming yoga pose like shavasana to ground and reconnect to the breath.

Resistance isn’t meant to be avoided or ignored. It’s a very real signal from your mind, body and soul that there’s a part of you that needs attending to. The more we become attuned to our inner child, the more we can heal and create beautiful new opportunities for growth.

I invite you today to honor that inner child by inviting them out to lunch, for a movie or to play in the park! As much as the inner child can generate resistance it can also create a wonderful reminder for us to honor pleasure in simplicity, taking a break from our adult life.

Events for your inner child: