MEET THE FARMER: Kelsey Ducheneaux

An article from our partners Farmers Footprint

It’s 6am. The morning breeze sways alongside the native grasses near the Cheyenne River on the Sioux Reservation. The sun awakens, stretching its rays far and wide, reminding the vast open grasslands to rise and shine. This ecosystem of mixed grass prairies were developed under the cloven hoofed animals of the antelope and the bison and the deer.

And if you can just envision yourself, for a moment, on the ranch, you’d likely see a rider far off in the horizon. Her name is Kelsey Ducheneaux, a 4th generation rancher of the Lakota tribe in South Dakota. Boots in stirrups, hair back, hat on, and she’s ready to lasso her vision closer to reality. Within moments of meeting her you quickly realize there is nothing that will get in the way of her vision.

For most of us, the space between vision and implementation is usually far greater than we initially imagine. If we really knew what it would take to accomplish the dreams that float in the corners of our hearts and heads, we’d likely never start the race to catch them and bring them down to earth to make them real.

“No matter what it is, whether it be in law or healthcare fields or agriculture, the lineage of our family’s focus has in some form or fashion contributed to the greater good.”

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