4 Types of spiritual orgasms to try

An article by our partners Anima Mundi Herbals

“Women will only be truly sexually liberated when we arrive at a place where we can see ourselves as having sexual value and agency irrespective of whether or not we are the objects of male desire,” wrote author-activist Bell Hooks.

The same can be said of all genders and all people. When we reimagine the erotic as not just terrain for sexual and sensual behavior, but as a fully embodied experience, what new pathways to visceral joy and spiritual alignment might we find? Even more, when we think of the erotic simply as a feeling of pleasure, devoid of the connotations restricted to two bodies’ between-the-sheets behavior, we can start exploring new ways of feeling.

Get ready to feel good.

Oxytocin (a.k.a. the “love hormone”) and dopamine (a.k.a. the “feel good” hormone) are waiting in the wings, ready to gush out at climax. Or, at least that’s what scientists say happens when you orgasm. Oxytocin has the added benefit of making you want to cuddle, spoon, and intimately bond with your partner post-O, while dopamine sends messages to the reward center of your brain, increasing chances you’ll repeat those behaviors.

But, there’s more ways than one to reach that pleasurable peak. This week, we’re delving into the spiritual side of your enthusiastic yes. You may find some surprising tidbits about orgasmic practices you didn’t know you were yearning to experience.

Spiritual orgasms can happen spontaneously.

Did you know the clitoris has more than 8,000 nerve endings? While she’s not our full focus today, it’s noteworthy that female sexual stimulation isn’t notoriously complex without good reason. The divine feminine flower is a blueprint for many other spiritual centers, both energetic and literal (think: root chakra). Below, we’ll delve into four spiritual orgasms you can provoke, plus some you may just need to know if you’re lucky enough to experience one with little to no effort. Prepare to get some … spiritual release, that is 😉


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