Conscious City Guide: LA’s Best Delivered Meals

Cafe Gratitude Meal Plan

Cafe Gratitude

This may sound nuts, but Cafe Gratitude inspired me to move to Los Angeles. I shared their love of plant-based food, regenerative farming, and affirmations… and their restaurants are distinctly SoCal. I wanted to live in a city where I could order “I am Vibrant” with a straight face.

Since moving to LA, I’ve eaten there regularly and done their juice cleanses a few times. But recently, our team tried their meal plans and loved them.

The meals are the perfect amount of food for even my appetite so, unlike nearly all the other healthy meal plans I’ve tried, I didn’t feel like I was on a diet or hungry all day. And after three days of them, I felt… well, Vibrant.

They’ve offered our community a discount too, if you use code: CCG10

Providence Meal Plan

Provenance Meals

Another prepared meal service which we all loved (and had enough food), Provenance Meals wowed us when we tried their 3-day meal plan. They have both a regular meals plan and plant-based detoxes. All are all nutrient-dense meals designed by a nutritionist.

They are absolutely delicious so they don’t feel like a cleanse, even if everything is made from clean ingredients. Even though I was satisfied, I do feel I lost a little weight even with just three days of these meals.

Simple Feast

Simple Feast Meal Kit Delivery

Mel’s favourite was the kit delivery from Simple Feast. The Copenhagen company recently launched in the US and are carefully selecting local farmer partners for their all organic, plant based meal kits. Mel says they were easy to put together, super delicious and generous in portions.

Sow A Heart CSA

Chef Mollie, founder of Sage Vegan Bistro, is also a regenerative farmer. Her Sow A Heart farm grows the most delicious produce for her restaurants and LA-based homes can enjoy these organic, high-vibe harvests with their CSA boxes.

Sow A heart Farm Regenerative CSA boxes
Sow A heart Farm Regenerative CSA boxes

I subscribed for years until I moved south out of their delivery zone. But it was the most delicious produce I’ve tasted in the US, so every now and then when it aligns, I order a box for pickup.

The fruits are especially delicious & sweet, but everything is of such high quality, it makes me seem like an expert chef, even if I’ve only mastered salads.

SEATOPIA sustainable seafood CSA box
SEATOPIA sustainable seafood CSA box

SEATOPIA Collective

Like a CSA, the SEATOPIA Collective brings a curated box to your home once or twice a month, full of high quality seafood without mercury, plastic, nor antibiotics. This company is entirely transparent, sourcing directly from artisan-quality farms and they reinvest in ocean conservation projects. Our co-founder Mel has subscribed for years & attests to the high quality sushi-grade fish.

SriMu plant-based artisinal cheeze


Though these divinely-delicious plant-based cheeses are sold at Erewhon, you’ll want to receive the black box which arrives to your door with a SRIMU subscription. Unboxing is a is luxurious experience. The quality, taste, presentation & ethos of SRIMU is top level, which is reflected in the price. But that just makes these cheeses the optimal host/hostess gift, impressing those who are in the know.

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