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You can find Evan perched on the steps of the Congdon House in San Juan Capistrano along with his house cat, Alice, thinking about the regenerative possibilities available on this historic plot of land. After a handful of years abroad, Evan realized the greatest need for change was back at home so he packed his bags, came across The Congdon House and that is where the dream of the Ecology Center began to grow.

Having witnessed more than 130 years of social, agricultural, and environmental change, the Congdon House would be the ideal venue for an exploration of the links between past, present, and future. At the same time, as one of the oldest standing embodiments of the past, it serves to remind us that we must act today to rejuvenate the environment for the generations to follow.

Now, The Ecology Center is a 1-acre permaculture site composed of learning gardens, interactive exhibits, and a general store.

They have grown over the past decade from selling just 3-4 grass-fed steers in our first year to now selling shares in around 25 annually, along with around 100 lambs, plus a growing flock of layers. Education, Resource Development and Grant Support could be of benefit in order to instill additional practices they still would like to put into place.

“A positive future
is possible.”

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