Honor the Past, Flow into the Future: Ancestral Lineage Healing

An article by our community creator: Winter Clark Activates

When we think of our desires, goals and dreams our minds naturally jump into the future. Yet we might also feel a hesitation from a past experience as we try to motivate towards what we want.

What if that past experience wasn’t our own?

What if that past experience belonged to someone who was related to us?

This is where ancestral lineage healing enters the picture. 

Some of our biggest growth spurts can be both incredibly exciting and terrifying. When it’s hard to place exactly why the fear is coming up when we know with all our heart that the next step is truly what we want…unrecognizable energetic blocks can come up from a past that is not quite our own. Creating awareness is important because it begins to dissolve the block and takes away some of its power.

In 2021 I was living in Mexico for half the year, using a new language in a new land while navigating my business and leaning into growth and expansion around my offerings. As I was preparing to launch a spiritual life coach certification program, I froze.

It’s not that I wasn’t ready, technically. I had everything I needed: a platform to host it on, graphics, marketing, materials for learning, a timeline for milestones. I actually felt a little over prepared. There I was sitting in front of my laptop, ready to push the ‘publish’ button and I was choking. Emotionally I felt such despair and mentally I was spinning trying to understand why my emotions weren’t on board.

So I gave them the space to be present and speak.

What came tumbling forth from the ethers were stories of my immigrant grandfather from Russia, trying to make his business succeed in a world that was filled with hardship (this was during the great depression) and ultimately feeling like a failure. His venture began to tank while his wife’s seamstress skills became higher and higher in demand. Bitterness and resentment replaced gratitude and resourcefulness. His energy slammed into my heart and I felt his pain. I cried and put everything aside. This had to be healed before I could go on.

I created a sacred space and invited his energy in so that it could be fully witnessed. I acknowledged his pain and heartache and shared compassion with him so that he could feel heard. Then I assured him that I was safe and it was OK for me to move forward with my creation. Amazingly the density left the room and lightness returned along with excitement for sharing the certification program with the world. I returned to my laptop, hit ‘publish’ and sat with the joy and satisfaction that comes with knowing that I was both healing my lineage and healing the community!

This is possible for you as well; when you identify an abundance block that originates from a family member…you can both heal the past and flow into the future. The steps are: identification of the block and who it comes from, acknowledgement of the pain that comes with it, compassion for the person who experienced it, gratitude for the awareness of it and trust of yourself to move forward in a new and very different way.

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