Dark Horse Cooking Club

Founded at the height of stay-at-home order, this weekly cooking club meets virtually in respective kitchens around the world. Join us for season 10 of our live online cooking class !

Upon joining, you can expect a “cooking kit’ sent to your door. On Mondays, you’ll receive an ingredients/shopping list in your email inbox. Wednesday brings a zoom link, a chef, and a group of budding chefs just like you. You’ll learn & experience new techniques, new flavors, and finally – enjoy a uniquely delicious meal on your dinner table.

Chef Greg Arnold is the executive chef of Mesa Verde restaurant (named one of the seven greatest plant-based restaurants in California by the Michelin guide). His teaching style gently simplifies seemingly unapproachable recipes, condensing the process into a single hour. He’s cooking from his home as well, with his wife as his sous-chef and an occasional visit from his newborn baby. His narratives about favorite methods, well-known restaurant techniques, and the occasional food-based story empower dark horse cooking club members to confidently use flavors like “umami,” play with spice blends, and do crazy things like mix cacao into their beans…

In season 10 we will learn how to make: Chicken Caponata, Japanese Style Mapo Tofu, Summer Somen & Seaweed Salad as well as Latkes and Egg with Apple Sauce. Yes, the above delicious images 🙂 See you in the kitchen !

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