Retreat leaders course from Revamp Retreats

Are you seeking a proven blueprint to set up your next wellness retreat, mental health retreat, women’s wellness retreat, detox retreat or any type of retreat that focuses on your key offering ? Our friends at Revamp Retreats have run 15 successful retreats since 2017 and are sharing their ‘how to run a retreat’ course with you.


Leading retreats is a DREAM job…. and organizing retreats takes time and knowledge to be a success. We created this course to support you to save valuable time and teach you the specific knowledge you need to be wildly successful. This course is guaranteed to empower you to organize and lead your own retreats with success — and we’re so excited about it!

Our course gives you our blueprint to lead retreats locally and internationally. We’ll walk you through the retreat process from start to finish on live weekly calls, plus give you a fully loaded Google Drive folder with every document, contract, and spreadsheet we use to run our retreat company. You can use this course to efficiently run 1 retreat, or 15 like us!

Over 3 months you will be invited to our weekly calls, our community support page, and when you sign up you will have IMMEDIATE access to our entire pre-recorded course.

Our course is for teachers, creators, and entrepreneurs who want to run their own retreats — or for connectors and generators that wish to collaborate with other teachers and focus mostly on the backend.

If travel, purposeful cashflow, and changing lives is what you desire — we have the support, guidance, inspiration, and accountability you need. This course is for you!

Or go on retreat…

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