4 Ways to Wear The EMF-Blocking Festival Scarf

EMF blocking hood scarf

We love the versatility and functionality of the CONSCIOUS x lambs Festival hood. It’s functionality? It literally protects you from 99% of radiation (EMFs, 5G, WiFi, bluetooth etc), so you’d want to wear it anywhere in this modern world: on a plane to protect you from the radiation of the airplane’s EMFs, in urban areas, next to power stations, on transit…

So it’s handy this scarf can be styled in multiple ways. Here’s four ways to wear it, but there are probably more we haven’t tried.

Hood Vest

Protects your skull & temples from EMF radiation

Slip the loop of the scarf over your head. When it’s around your hips like a belt, bottom of the scarf to your lower back. Lift the hood up and over your head.

protect yourself from EMFs with this radiation blocking scarf

Cape / Shirt

Protects your torso from EMF radiation

Slip your head through the loop of the scarf with the hood draping over your back. Wear the sides of the scarf over your shoulders. you can adjust how revealing the front is by raising & lowering the back hood. The heaviness of the fabric keeps it in place once you choose the desired look.

EMF & 5G blocking scarf worn as shirt


Protects your throat, skull & temples from EMF radiation

Starting with the bottom center of the scarf at the base of your throat, loop the scarf over your head once and then lift the hood over your head.

EMF blocking festival scarf


Protects your head from EMF radiation

Slip the loop of the scarf over your head and let the bottom of the scarf drape over your chest.

Festival Scarf worn as a hood

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