Where to Buy Ethical Crystals

The demand for crystals has risen dramatically and the increased demand is causing a dirge of destructive mining practices. New Mexico mines have contaminated billions of gallons of water, and Madagascar mines are notorious for using child labor.

Here’s 4 ways to find high vibe crystals:

Go to a gem show

Take your time at a major gem show like the Tucson Gem & Crystal Show to meet the vendors to discover where and how they sourced their crystals. I talked to vendors who’d bought their crystals from distributors (so were probably sourced from unethical mines) but also Brazilian rock hunters whose nails were still full of dirt (as were their amethysts) and they told me where and how they found their geodes. I bought from the Brazillians.

Hunt or dig for crystals yourself

In California, there is still gold which you can pan for, tourmeline mines, jade, and benitoite mines.

In North Carolina, look for emeralds at Emerald Hollow, or sapphires, and rubies.

Arkansas has a public diamond mine and quartz geodes to dig.

Georgia has blue quartzes and lazulite to find.

New York has quartz and hermitite diamonds at Crystal Grove.

Buy from ethical companies

Buy at sustainable, ethical markets such as at Mercado Sagrado, who have done the research for you. Or, buy from trustworthy online stores such as Elements, Gemrock Peru, Moonrise, or Solstice Stones.

Buy second-hand crystals

Look on Ebay, Etsy, Mercari, FB Marketplace, or estate sales for crystals. I once found a large rose quartz slab at a yard sale for a fraction of its value.

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