Kiki Likes: June ’22

What co-founder Kiki Falconer is vibing this month:

EMF-blocking festival hood

This hood, which we co-created with Lambs, is made of a fabric inspired by spacesuits which blocks 99% of radiation. That’s EMFs, WiFi, Bluetooth & UV rays. And, since it is made of silver, it also blocks odor.

Book: “Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism” by Amanda Montell

I’m fascinated by cults. Having been a spiritual seeker since my teens, I’ve dipped my toes into more than a few, from a breath work cult, Theosophy, to Bikram. This book looks at how group-speak empowers cults & brands. It is at times overly cynical, but is exceptionally well-researched and inspires discernment. A must read for any spiritual seeker.

Floral Cookies by Loria Stern

I’ve been following the floral chef on instagram for some time. She’s inspired me to add edible flowers to nearly everything from spring rolls to salads.

Sun Gong

When I took Sound bath player training, I was told something that felt intuitively right: the crystal bowls relax you, while the gong does the inner work. Since my first gong bath, I’ve known how powerful this instrument is for healing. My second gong is a Sun Gong, whose overtones are rich, bright and… I’m in love.

The Class Retreat

Movement is life, and I am always looking for new ways to move my body. I love Taryn Toomey’s The Class, which I see as a feminine HIIT class, encouraging women to take up space, get raw, and SWEAT. Their Hawaii retreat is facilitated by Taryn and a dear sister, Erin Ward. It’s also at Maui’s Lumeria, a sacred retreat in paradise.

Copper Tongue Scraper

These things are game changers for fresh breath & a clean feeling mouth. An Ayurvedic staple (and just a good idea, frankly), a couple strokes of this will remove the ama (aka. cotton mouth).

In-season: Olallieberries

The “king of blackberries” is in season in June. These are the biggest, sweetest blackberries I’ve tasted. That’s because they are actually a hybrid of a loganberry and a blackberry. I put them in salads, smoothies & make a quick jam.

Gong-friendly events:

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