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6 ways to protect yourself from EMFs

We live surrounded by electric and magnetic fields (EMFs): phones, computers, WiFi, bluetooth, LEDs, all emit EMFs. This is a modern phenomena, so we haven’t had a chance to understand the longterm effects of this exposure. Scientific studies haven’t kept up with our technology.

While high-frequency EMFs found in X-rays, tanning beds & radioactive waste are known to cause cellular and DNA damage, the jury is still out on the household variety of EMFs. But there are thousands of published reports which suggest even low-frequency EMFs can lead to cancer, decrease fertility, increase depression, generate stress proteins, cause premature aging, and mess up cell metabolism.

But giving up our computers and phones is not an option for most of us. So how do we protect ourselves from the effects of this constant radiation?

Use the speakerphone

Keep a distance between your phone and computer by using the speakerphone.

And keep the distance when not using your phone, by keeping it in a purse or bag (not in your pocket or bra!).

Wear radiation-proof fabrics

We love lambs, which uses spacesuit-inspired technology that blocks 99% of radiation. Made from silver mesh, Customers report better sleep, higher HRV, and more energy.

We love them so much, we collaborated on a scarf/ hood which protects the head and (depending on how you wear it) the heart.

Make your bedroom an EMF-free zone.

Don’t sleep with your cell phone next to your bed. If you must, keep it at least 6 feet away. Even go the extra mile and turn off your WiFi router at night… this also may help prevent late-night doom scrolling.

Get grounded

Practice grounding by swimming in a natural body of water, running barefoot on sand, touching the bare earth. Just make sure you are away from places with “electrosmog” (power lines, factories, etc.).

Grounding, or earthing, was inspired by a cable industry expert Clint Ober, who understood the concept of grounding in telecommunication wires and applied it to protect the body from the effects of radiation.

Get wired

Avoid wireless headphones & other bluetooth wearables. Go old school and use wired headphones instead.

Take the “lap” out of “laptop”

Keep your computer off you lap and on a table, desk or stand. This is an especially good idea if you are trying to get pregnant or balancing your hormones.

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