MEET THE FARMER: Taylor & Katie Collins

First generation ranchers and land stewards of ROAM Ranch, a 450 acre, multi-species, regenerative ranch in central Texas. It was three years ago when they bought the ranch, industrially managed for the past 100 years before their hands touched the soil. Everyone in the town thought they were crazy.

The land had been doused in chemicals for years and cared for with inputs and unnatural practices. There was less than .5% of biology on the property, grasses were only alive with the support of chemical inputs, and rock-hard, degraded soil blanketed the vastness of the open landscape.

Taylor and Katie had a different vision in mind. No chemical inputs, no tilling, no monoculture cropping or overgrazing. For them, sustainability wasn’t good enough. They wanted to create a net positive return through regenerative land management, and they have.

“We are working in nature’s image to raise animals and heal the land.”

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