Akashic Records 101

“The Akashic Records” sounds esoteric, ancient, and mystical. The term was first used by  Theosophists in the late 19th century, so its roots are definitely esoteric and a little ancient. But with Akashic Readings popping up from Malibu and New York alike, a modern community is starting to embrace them.

To demystify these Records, I turned to Akashic reader and energy healer Sara Hopman, who gave me an impressively accurate reading last year.

What are the Akashic records? The Akashic Records are the subtle energetic imprint of everything that has ever been, is, and will be. The Akashic Records are like a memory bank. They hold the data of every thought, feeling, word, and action you’ve ever expressed in this lifetime and all others.

The word “Akashic” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Akasha” which means “sky” or “ether”. The Akashic Records have also been referred to as the “Book of Life”, the “Mind of God”, and the “Universal Library”.

How do you access the Akashic Records? Anyone can access the Akashic Records through pure intention, an open heart, and the ability to come into an expanded, elevated state of consciousness. It takes practice to connect, and even more practice to maintain a sense of openness and trust, and to let go of the need to filter and analyze what comes through.

What can one ask the Akashic Records? You can ask anything you desire whether it’s related to relationships, career, life path, spiritual gifts, big decisions, challenges, past lives, spirit guides, starseed connections, and more. There are no right or wrong questions. An Akashic Record Reading is a safe space to explore without judgment. But it’s important to know that whatever is most relevant and of the highest service to your soul’s evolution is what comes through during a reading.

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