A Ninja turns Fear into Fun

Fitness ninja and entrepreneur Travis Brewer knows the power of movement to raise consciousness. He’s always finding new ways to move: he’s certified in Animal Flow and ArcoYoga, taught Tim Ferris parkour, was a finalist on American Ninja Warrior, and is a regular fixture at Santa Monica’s Muscle Beach, inspiring others to play and move.

I asked Travis what keeps him in flow. 

What’s your superpower? Connecting with others and Spirit. Sharing my passion for movement and mindfulness, and performing crazy stunts. 

What helps you tap into that power?  Turning fear into fun. Letting go of control of what you can’t control. Yet turning up the power of presents. Movement is medicine and sometimes stillness is the best way to gain the power to move.

Did you have an awakening/ turning point in your life?  Yes: losing my job at 29 thinking my life was over at 30. I changed my whole life, started down the spiritual path, went back to school, got an MBA, and started a business around my mission to make a positive impact through movement. 

What’s your morning routine? Movement, meditation, and a daily journal practice going 8 years strong

What does “conscious” mean to you? Being a medium of Spirit through your human body and experiences and to authentically share your spiritual connection as effectively as possible in the present moment.

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