Reiki with Hae Lee of STAY & VIBE

My name is: Hae Lee

I host:  STAY+VIBE

What led you to start practicing Reiki? I didn’t know much about reiki actually but it kept calling me, and I’ve also been sensitive to energy so I decided to get certified to see what it was all about. And what once was a curiosity, became a life-time calling and career.

How has Reiki changed your life? It transformed my life in so many ways. I look at life differently and with more meaning. I feel and see that we are all divine and we are truly never alone.

What does giving/receiving a reiki treatment mean to you ? Channeling the light that is naturally a part of this world and reminding myself and others that this light is within each and every one of us too.

What was the first time you received reiki and what stood out for you ? I was at a yoga retreat, and the instructor had people lay hands on each other to send healing, and my partners came up to me after the retreat and suggested I should get reiki certified. This was another sign!

Why/how is reiki beneficial ? Reiki is not for just one thing and as you practice Reiki, you will see that it’s so much more than a healing modality. But at its bare minimum reiki promotes deep relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety.

What do people misunderstand about reiki most? Only renowned, “gifted” healers can learn how to channel reiki. Each and every one of us has access to reiki and can heal themselves.

What are 3 things people should look out for when picking a reiki treatment or teaching course ?  1) go with your gut & see how the practitioner’s website, words, presence feels to you 2) ask the universe to direct you to the right course & teacher and it will send you signs. 3) Word of mouth & referrals. Ask people for their experiences and recommendations. I have found the best teachers through asking my friends and community.

How can people integrate the benefits of reiki in their daily lives ? Know that peace starts with you. And you have the power to find that stillness wherever you are.

Recommended books/videos/resources to learn more; Book: “Reiki for Dummies.” The title is funny but the author really gives detailed instructions on practicing Reiki whether you are wanting to do this for yourself or professionally.

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