Top 5 Heart-Opening Events This Week

July 17 – 23
  • Saturday Jul 22| Online

    Deeper Touch & Expanded Pleasure for Men

    Find more joy and pleasure in your body and become the best lover you can be.   Join this juicy 60-minute workshop to learn how to feel more of your body, explore new ways to think about touch, and find …
  • Saturday Jun 22| Los Angeles

    EROS Yoga + Dance LA

    This 3 hour workshop will be a combination of 2 separate classes – Tantric Yoga and Tantric Dance. We’ll build heat and confidence flowing as one in the Naked Yoga class before expanding into …
  • Friday Jul 21| Clearlake

    Heart Opening & Hot Springs Healing Retreat

    Join Katrina and Tankut for a minimalistic digital detox weekend immersed in nature to restore vitality and rediscover joy in the present moment. This intimate retreat will guide you to connect with your …
  • Friday Jul 21| Asheville

    The Love Frequency™ Immersion Retreat: Alchemy for Sacred Connection

    “The Love Frequency invites you to come into a deeper state of heart-centered living where your heart becomes your true North, your source of creation and liberation, and a commanding presence of leadership …
  • Saturday Jul 1| Agoura


    Transform + Uplift Release + Reset Rejuvenate + restore and along the way, discover a deeper connection to your soul’s purpose A Transformational Series for July  Classes ARE: Emotional Wisdom …

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