This Week’s Top 5 Breathwork Events

July 10 – 16
  • Saturday Nov 18| Beverly Hills

    Tranquil Trip: Ketamine Therapy & Soundbath

    Join us for an unforgettable and transformative wellness journey at the Tranquil Trip Retreat. This unique experience combines the therapeutic benefits of ketamine with the healing power of sound. Allow …
  • Sunday Jul 16| Santa Monica

    New Moon Sound Bath

    Sound baths relax and replenish both your body and mind. The healing vibrations of the crystal bowls calm you by stimulating brain wave frequencies and balancing the hemispheres of the brain. The vibrations …
  • Thursday Jun 22| Islip

    Restorative Breathwork with Sound Healing

    Come join us for a restorative breathwork journey with the hypnotic tones of crystal sound bowls. This class will help you relax and reset your nervous system. You will leave feeling relaxed, sleep like …
  • Monday Oct 23| Beverly Hills

    Breath + Beats

    An uplifting meditation and sound bath journey using breathwork and buffalo drums to take you deep into your subconsious. ********* Our breath and heartbeat serve as constant reminders of our natural rhythms.  …
  • Sunday Oct 29| Long Beach

    Breath Of Life Breathwork

    BREATH OF LIFE: Breathwork  Our Breath is a powerful unifier. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or your circumstances; you can access your breath to greatly improve your daily life. The benefits …

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